Missouri’s invisible road lines — the unreported truth

Missouri’s non-reflective road lines pose a serious threat to drivers at night during the rain. You know it. I know it. And more than anybody, truck drivers know it. However, it doesn’t look like the safety concern is going to go away anytime soon. 

As I was driving on Stadium Boulevard last night during the rain, I struggled to keep my car between the road lines. Even with my bright-lights on, the “retro-reflective” road paint seemed to blend in with the concrete, making them nearly invisible despite my perfect 20/20 vision. I might as well have been driving blindfolded.

I’ve desperately tried to get to the bottom of this story throughout the first half of the semester, but nobody seems to have any suggestions to improve their reflectivity, or even acknowledge the danger. Maybe the technology doesn’t exit. Maybe it does. Either way, drivers will have to persevere, as MoDOT has no plans to change its road paint anytime soon.


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