GPS tracker will show locations of Tiger Line buses on smartphone app

On Monday, I spoke to Karlan Seville about the debut of a Tiger Line’s GPS bus-tracking system on the GoMizzou app. Although a few paragraphs in the story had to be trimmed due to space constraints, I’m still happy with how it turned out. This story was a quick turnaround, and I believe I’m starting to get better at writing on deadline.

GPS tracker will show locations of Tiger Line buses on smartphone app

September 16, 2013 | 8:29 p.m. CDT

COLUMBIA — On Tuesday, MU’s GoMizzou smartphone app will begin offering a GPS bus-tracking system for the Tiger Line shuttle service.

Karlan Seville, the communications manager at MU Campus Facilities, said the new technology will make commuting on the Tiger Line easier for students.

“The addition of Tiger Line’s GPS map on the GoMizzou app will allow students to see where the bus is at any given time, so that they know how soon the bus will arrive at their location,” Seville said.

The GPS tracking information will be provided by DoubleMap, a bus-tracking application that is also used to track Columbia Transit’s buses.

MU senior Emily Clements said she hoped the bus tracker would make riding university buses more convenient for her.

“I never know when the bus is coming,” Clements said. “Whenever it gets cold, at least I won’t have to stand outside waiting for the bus.”

While GPS tracking for the Tiger Line had already been available through DoubleMap, its use in the GoMizzou app will make it more accessible.

“GoMizzou is popular with students, so we wanted to make sure that we brought Tiger Line’s GPS map to GoMizzou,” Seville said.



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