Mountain Dew ad labeled “most racist commercial in history”


A new commercial released by Mountain Dew has seemingly exceeded the boundaries of corporate racism. The ad, which features a police line-up of five African-American men dressed in gangster attire and a goat, is being labeled “the most racist commercial in history.” 

In the commercial, a white female victim is asked to identify which suspect physically assaulted her. Instead of featuring a police line-up comprised of multiple races, Mountain Dew chose to perpetuate the stereotype that young African-American men are more likely to engage in criminal activity than whites by featuring an all-black cast.

On the other side of the glass, there are three officers standing next to the woman: Two are white, and one is black. To make matters worse, the only African-American on the investigative staff is merely a silhouette hiding in background—his face is never visible. 

It’s hard to imagine that the advertising staff at Mountain Dew failed to see one of the impending red flags. In this day in age, I’m amazed the commercial wasn’t killed the moment it was proposed. In my opinion, an apology isn’t enough from the advertising department at Mountain Dew after such an offensive commercial. Maybe it’s time for PepsiCo to start over with a clean slate and hire a staff that can recognize blatant racism.





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