Cheerios commercial sparks racist backlash

This summer, Cheerios introduced a heartwarming advertisement featuring a biracial family. After the commercial was released, angry viewers posted racist comments on the company’s YouTube page. 

However, Cheerios rightfully stood behind the ad and refused to apologize for their actions. After gauging the public’s negative reaction toward the ad, TheFineBros interviewed several children to see if they seen anything wrong with the commercial. 

Without surprise, none of the kids even noticed that the family in the commercial was comprised of different racial ethnicities. It seemed completely normal to them. It’s sad to think that one day their minds will soon be corrupted by the illusion that different races are not meant to co-exist, especially in marriages. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an ad featuring a mixed family; In fact, I commend them for their demonstration of racial equality. I encourage the Cheerios commercial critics to retire their ’60s television sets, as the world is no longer viewed in black and white; it’s seen in vivid color.



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