My first week as a Missourian reporter

With the first week already behind me, I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this semester as a reporter for the Missourian.

Although I haven’t been published yet, I expect write my first story this Monday during my inaugural GA shift. In the meantime, I’ve already taken the initiative to get started on three interesting stories.

The first story will likely focus on elderly drivers and how the state of Missouri should handle their license renewal process. I’d like to explore whether drivers with dementia should be allowed on the streets and if elderly drivers should have to take more frequent vision and hearing tests after a certain age. With the Marian Ohman trial still underway, this is a hotly debated issue in Columbia.

I’m also following the Rob Sanders case, which will go to trial Sept. 26. Sanders lost his job after 18 years with the Columbia Police Department after shoving an inmate in his holding cell.

The third story I’m working on is more of a long-term project, but I believe it’s an issue that definitely needs to be addressed. Columbia’s road lines are marked with an unreflective paint, which quickly become invisible at night during the rain and snow. In my opinion, this poses a great danger to Columbia drivers who travel at night. Many other cities throughout the state use reflective paint, so why is Columbia lagging behind in the safety of its roads?


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