AP prohibits use of the term “illegal immigrant”


Last week, the Associated Press abolished the terms “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” from their vocabulary.

The stylebook change is a monumental victory for civil rights advocates who fight to protect the rights of American citizens.

Here, the only difference is we’re not talking about American citizens. We’re talking about immigrants that sneak across the border into our country and steal jobs from both American citizens and immigrants who enter our country legally.

Maybe I’m being overly insensitive, but I don’t think we should worry if the term “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” offends these criminals. Why should they deserve our sympathy?

I believe the AP’s style change only reinforces the soft stance the Obama Administration has taken toward illegal immigration in the U.S. Months after Obama announced his intention to stop deporting selected illegal immigrants under the DREAM Act, now journalists are no longer allowed to identify them by the true status of their residency.

During a time when our country should be taking a stricter approach to illegal immigration, the Associated Press is only making matters worse. While I understand trying to eliminate offensive language from journalists’ vocabularies, I disagree with the decision when it compromises an issue that is extremely vital to both national security and the American labor force.

Not to mention, it’s a commonly held belief that the media tends to be liberally biased. After the mandatory stylebook change, that belief is only strengthened with the world’s largest news organization supporting Obama’s attempt to de-sensitize Americans to the severity and danger of illegal immigration in the U.S.



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