Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s epic slam


NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar recently wrote a blog for The Huffington Post and critically reviewed HBO’s new hit series Girls.

In response to bad reviews about the show, creator/writer/director/star of the series Lena Dunham dismissed the criticism and inferred it was mostly coming from older men who didn’t understand the series.

However, Abdul-Jabbar pointed out the show’s single largest audience, 22 percent, is “white dudes over 50.” Abdul-Jabbar went on to accuse the show of being predominantly white and watching a full season could leave a viewer “snow blind.” When the show did implement characters of a different race, it was usually in discriminating roles.

Not surprisingly, his blog post quickly generated a lot of negative feedback. Many readers were furious. “How would an ex-jock know anything about pop-culture?” critics said. “Why would a man of his age watch a show about girls in their twenties?” Five days after writing the review, he published a response post to defend his position.

“What do people expect when an ex-jock discusses pop culture?” Abdul-Jabbar said. “Hmmm. Magic light box have good shows. Me like some. Others make me puke Gatorade. Me give it three jock straps.”

Abdul-Jabbar’s comedic post was the perfect response to the critics who bashed his review. In my opinion, his review was extremely honest and insightful. In response to the readers who questioned his integrity, Abdul-Jabbar pointed out he has a degree from UCLA and is an amateur historian who has written books about World War II, the Harlem Renaissance, and African-American Inventors.

As journalists and even readers, sometimes we are quick to judge a person by their appearance and actions due to our stereotypical nature. Abdul-Jabbar serves as the perfect example to never judge an individual until we know the entire story.




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